Rankings Management

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SRConsult has built a ranking management system which contains over 1000 rankings worldwide. We know exactly who is rating your company, what your scores are and what possibilities you have to improve them.

Performance analysis and measurement
We measure your past performance compared to peers and cross-industry role models

Participation strategy
We support you in identifying opportunities, setting goals, and defining necessary tasks.

Project and participation management
We help you find „quick wins“ and to sustainably manage results over a longer period of time.

Manage expectations & leverage accomplishments
We help you to stay on top of internal and external communications around rankings, to leverage achievements and cushion disappointments.

Development, conduction, and publication of proprietary rankings
We can help you publish your own ranking – as a marketing tool to position your company or to enhance competition in a certain area.

A ranking is a third-party evaluation of a company’s or an individuals achievements or effectiveness. Examples for important rankings include Fortune Magazine’s “The World’s Most Admired Companies” or Newsweek’s “Green Ranking”. Methodologies of rankings vary significantly – from survey based lists to purely quantitative evaluations.

Why you should take rankings seriously?

a) Rankings gain media presence

In the last year alone, news-outlets (print and online) in the UK, the US and in continental Europe published more than +500 rankings covering areas such as Employer Attractiveness, Innovation, Sustainability, Leadership, Transparency, Corporate Governance, Marketing and Sales effectiveness. As companies and readers are actively managing good ranking results on their websites, via press releases or via twitter, the visibility of important rankings is even higher.

b) Stakeholders use rankings as a basis for decision making

In a world that is becoming ever more complex, people look for tools which help them to make the right decision. Rankings transform a complex problem into a clear, comprehensible message that sticks and strongly influences stakeholder perception and behaviour. “Fortune names Google the best employer in the US.”, “Forbes identifies Salesforce.com as the most innovative company of the world.

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Most stakeholders who perceive messages like these don’t ask themselves whether the claims are really true and on what basis they were made. Whatever your company’s positioning strategy is, rankings can support or constrain it significantly. Hence, they must be considered an integral part of every communication and positioning strategy.

c) Blue chip corporations are ranked – whether they like it or not

Rankings agencies are using rankings to generate pressure for change or as a means of marketing. Companies are rarely asked for permission and have no chance to prevent a publication, even when they disagree with the ranking criteria.

Manage rankings using the RATE Action Cube

d) Companies actively leverage rankings for positioningCompanies especially in the US are increasingly managing their presence in rankings. They actively search for rankings, evaluate background data, and spread good results through their website, in press releases, over twitter, and many other communication channels.

Creating your own ranking
Rankings create visibility for your company and highlight significant areas which need improvement. They can also be used as a means of marketing, e.g., HR consultancies conduct surveys among young professionals to measure the perception of different employer brands in order to sell consultant services. Depending on your goals, creating and publishing your own ranking can therefore be an ideal solution.