Awards Management

Our Services

Award identification service
We identify the right opportunities for you to win, globally or in your home market.

Application service
We optimize your award application or create one from scratch, so that it stands out.

Leverage accomplishments

We help you raise awareness of your accomplishments, (e.g., through media interviews) – so you can communicate your unique awards story to your most important stakeholders, (e.g., clients and suppliers)Build your own award scheme
We develop and plan the right award scheme – helping you to achieve your goals.

What is awards management?
Every year, across the world, some thousand awards highlight the achievements of companies, organizations, and individuals. They cover every aspect of business and life, and they are presented in many facets across every industry sector. Most awards receive dozens of applications; investing the time to optimize your application significantly enhances your chance to win.

Why should your company take awards seriously?

Winning awards is an excellent way to enhance your reputation and gain visibility in an area important for your clients and the development of your company. Almost every company has areas in which it performs particularly well, be it in the development of an innovative product, an excellent customer service, or convincing career opportunities for new employees. Choosing the right award can help you highlight what your company does best and steer the attention of clients, customers, and the public to your strengths.

Results of renowned international awards are covered in business and trade media. In addition, using an award logo on your website or in other PR material can help you win the trust of potential clients or business partners. The pay-out of an award can, therefore, be effective over many years.

Action plan for participation

Winning an award – easier said than done
Participation in awards programs requires time, skill, and of course, an awareness of relevant award opportunities. As always, defining the objectives is the first step on the journey. We can help you source the right application documents as well as the communications plan for leveraging a possible short-listing or win. We handle the whole process for you, from picking the right competition to the final step – your success

Presenting your own award

At times, being backstage offers higher returns for your company than being in the spotlight of an award ceremony. You will have influence on the award criteria, are able to use the award process and the event to connect to journalists, other jury members, and ceremony guests. In addition, your name will be linked to the topic of the award and will be present over the whole award process from the application period to the presentation of the winners. You will be present in the media covering the award ceremony as well as on the award website.

We help you identify the right sponsoring opportunities or to develop a unique award scheme for your needs. Together with professional event managers, we organize an unforgettable award ceremony for you and the winning companies, generating press coverage and giving you the opportunity to connect with the right people.