Corporate Communications

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Corporate strategy, positioning and messaging
We support you in identifying and understanding your stakeholders, building your communication strategy, and measuring and proving your achievements.

Media relations
We support you by positioning your messages and executives in the relevant media.

Social Media strategy
We help you identify the needs and expectations of your stakeholder groups and how to optimize your corporate reporting.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We help you identify the needs and demands of your stakeholder groups and how to optimize your corporate reporting.

Today, business and growth perspectives of a company critically depend on how it is viewed by its key stakeholders. These include shareholders and investors, customers and consumers, employees and potential hires, NGO’s and members of the community in which the company operates. Hence, managing corporate reputation is a key task for CEOs and executives in every successful corporation. Especially as corporate brands have become the most valuable asset on companies balance sheets. Building, maintaining, and protecting the company’s reputation is the core task of corporate communication practitioners.

We, at SRConsult, believe that a successful communication strategy, which enhances a company’s reputation, should be based on a clear understanding of a corporation’s overall business objectives, its competitive and social environment, and of its key stakeholder groups. Only this way, can communication be proactive and target-oriented. Only through this approach, is it possible to anticipate and incorporate different communication scenarios, to make the necessary adaptations along the way, and to prove the value it added to the development of the company.