What We Do

Rankings Management

Every year, new outlets around the world publish +500 rankings, evaluating companies’ reputation in almost all aspects. Rankings send a strong and simple message to your stakeholders (e.g., shareholders, customers, potential employees). Consequently, they have a strong impact on the perception of your company. They either help build corporate reputation or threaten your communication strategy.
We have built a unique rankings management system which contains over 1,000 rankings across the world. We know the importance, compilation criteria and release dates of any important ranking worldwide. We know your standings and how to improve them. We help you leverage your achievements, as well as understand and explain setbacks.  more…

Awards Management

Awards help you celebrate your company’s achievements and show your stakeholders in Awards celebrate your achievements and showcase your company’s excellence. They are an effective vehicle to convey your corporate story to peers and the public. Awards are covered by top tier media thus enhancing the visibility of winning or shortlisted companies. Especially in new or difficult markets, awards can be an excellent way to put your company’s name on everyone’s agenda.
We support our clients in all areas related to awards. On basis of a global database, we identify the most fitting awards for your company. We help prepare applications to enhance the likelihood that your company enters the public consciousness. We can also help you create new awards if the right scheme does not yet exist.

Corporate Communications

The main purpose of corporate communications is to strategically manage the stakeholder relations of a company in a way that supports the accomplishment of the company’s overall business objectives. Effective corporate communications, therefore, goes far beyond press releases and media relations. It addresses all important stakeholder groups (internally & externally), painting a consistent picture of the company through target-oriented messages and channels.
We support our clients throughout the communications process. This includes the definition of a communication strategy and achievable objectives, the creation and effective distribution of consistent and effective messages as well as proving corporate value creation. more…